Opti Certification – Science

Welcome to the Science portion of Opti Brain's two part Opti Certification! This certification is offered 100% online and includes watching a set of educational videos about how the Opti Brain and Opti Train apps work. If you have ever wondered about the science behind how these brain training and analysis softwares work now is your change to find out!

To officially complete the Science portion of the Opti Certification you must answer 3/3 quiz questions correctly (100%) after each of the four video lessons in the course (12 questions total). Upon completion you will receive an official Opti Certification - Science certificate in your email.

To become completely Opti Certified you must complete both the Science and Application certification courses. The Opti Certification - Application portion can be purchased at this link. The Application portion differs among students in how you plan on using Opti Brain and Opti Train. To retain the unique application for each student this portion is delivered in person or via video conference by one of our professional Opti staff members. Upon purchase of the Opti Certification - Application course you will be contacted by our office to set up a time for your personal Application lesson. Upon completion of you will receive an official Opti Certification - Application certificate in your email.

When you complete both the Science and Application certification courses, you will:

  • have a great understanding of the brain and its influence on performance,
  • know how to evaluate brain activity through the use of brain maps and numbers,
  • be able to use neurofeedback training to enhance performance in a variety of settings,
  • have access to the Opti Certified Portal on the Opti Brain website that is currently under construction (you will be notified when this feature has been completed),
  • Be added to our network of Opti Certified Professionals listed on our website
  • be enrolled in Opti's affiliate program,
  • and learn to BETTER YOUR BEST!

Let's start learning the Science behind Opti today!

Instructor:  Debbie Crews
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