The objective of the Synergy training program is to help all the areas of the brain (unconscious thought, active thought, critical thinking, etc.) perform equally or more in sync with each other. As we go through each day, our brain has many different tasks to perform. Each area of the brain has different jobs to do. As each area completes their job, you reach synergy (integrated whole), just before you perform. 30+ years of research has suggested that training the brain to be in Synergy will optimize performance. This is not only optimal for performance but also a healthy state of mind.

Synergy and Still Training

When you are practicing the Synergy training program while sitting or standing Still, you are practicing bringing all your levels of thought into harmony while in a low pressure environment. It is something that you can learn to feel and recognize if you practice consistently. Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings while training. Even if you have mastered Synergy while being still it can be difficult to maintain that ability while performing. If you can still recognize your brain coming into Synergy while in movement you will find you perform at your optimum.

Synergy and In Motion Training

Synergy training is most useful to practice while In Motion. The most efficient way to do this is to use the music feedback during your Synergy trainings. Before you start your In Motion training, choose a training length that is about the same length of the motion you are trying to capture or choose ‘Unlimited’ training length to practice many times in a row. Then a song from your personal iTunes playlist that you would like. Press ‘Start Training. Start your training by performing your In Motion activity. For example, to optimize your putting in golf, begin your putting routine and listen to the changing music. The music volume may increase and decrease between 3 levels as you prepare to perform. Use your brain power to quiet the music. When the music is quietest, you have reached your BEST Synergy performance brain pattern. Ideally the music will be low just before the peak of your motion or before you begin your performance. The more you practice with Opti Train, the easier it will be to enter your BEST brain pattern.