Opti Certification Class


Want to learn the ins-and-outs of Opti Brain’s Training and Analysis Software? Attend a Opti Certification Class in Phoenix, Arizona to become an expert!

After you purchase a certification class an Opti Brain representative will contact you via email to discuss and confirm certification dates. Or call/text Opti Brain at 602-810-0101 or email



The wave of the future is brain training so start today! This 1 day seminar offers simplified NEUROSCIENCE directly related to performance during the morning session. NEUROFEEDBACK with Opti Brain (evaluation) and Opti Train (neurofeedback) fill the afternoon with a hands on experience. Upon completion of this 1 day seminar you will:

  • Have a great understanding of the brain and its influence on performance
  • Know how to evaluate brain activity through the use of brain maps and numbers
    Be able to use neurofeedback training to enhance performance in a variety of settings
  • Have access to the Opti Certified Portal on the Opti Brain website that is currently under construction (you will be notified when this feature has been completed)
  • Be added to our network of Opti Certified Professionals listed on our website
  • Learn to BETTER YOUR BEST!

If you are an Opti user please bring your headset, if not we will provide one for training.