Opti Subscription Package – 19.99/Month

$19.99 / month with a 7-day free trial

Opti Brain offers a monthly subscription to unlimited use of any Opti Software. Our current software includes three iOS Mobile Applications: Opti Train, Opti Golf, and Opti Brain. To use the mobile apps you must have a Muse brain sensing headband. If you do not already have a Muse headband please purchase a Muse Brain Sensing Headband from our shop. BETTER YOUR BEST today!



The Opti Software Subscription includes access to three iOS Mobile Apps, Opti Train, Opti Brain and Opti Golf. The mobile apps can be found and installed in the Apple App store on your device by searching. To access the apps you will simply login on your device with your Opti Brain username and password that you will set up while you check out and pay for your Opti Software Package.


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