Personal Opti Neurofeedback Session


We offer a series of three one-hour neurofeedback sessions in Tempe, AZ to train you to BETTER YOUR BEST™! You will have the opportunity to use this state-of-the-art, patented technology to become a better performer in three one hour sessions.

After you register an Opti Team Member will contact you to schedule your sessions or call/text Opti Brain at 602-810-0101 or email We are flexible to accommodate your schedule.


Get a personal training session with Opti Brain’s CEO, Debbie Crews Kettering, Ph.D. She is a Professional Mental Coach, Sports Psychologist and Certified LPGA Instructor. Debbie offers personal instruction sessions in Tempe, Arizona for anyone interested in learning exactly how Opti Brain’s Training Programs can optimize their performance.

To start your sessions please call/text Opti Brain at 602-810-0101 or email