Two Ways to Train

There are two primary ways to train. The first way simply includes sitting still while watching visual feedback on the screen of your device. This method is similar to meditation. However, Opti Train is training something different than a calm mind. It is training your performance ready mind. Not unlike meditation practice it is normal for your mind to wander and only stay a couple seconds in your optimal performance pattern at a time. It is more important to be able to create your performance pattern on cue than to stay in your performance pattern for an extended amount of time. There are multiple forms of visual feedback offered in the app. The one featured in the above clip is video feedback. The video pauses when you are distracted from your best performance brain pattern and plays when you reach your best performance brain pattern.

The second way to train is to use the audio feedback playing from your device while you are performing your sport. The example given in the video above is a young man doing archery. As he completes a shot he listens to the audio feedback in the form of music. When the music is quiet he has reached his performance ready mind. You may notice in the video that between each shot the music gets louder. When he focuses for his shot, the music quiets. After the music is quiet he completes his shot. Experienced athletes may find that the music will naturally quiet just before completing their movement. This may be because they have discovered ways to get in the zone already. Opti Train can teach athletes of all levels to find their best performance brain pattern consistently before every shot. Once mastered Opti Train is effective when used in differing scenarios and also under-pressure scenarios. This can help you find your performance ready mind to better your best in any situation.