Opti Train

Opti Train

Opti Train is a unique, customized app that teaches you to balance your brain. It doesn’t matter if your activity is high or low, only that it is balanced for BEST performance. 

Use Opti Train when sitting at home or on the road to train balance and to get ready for your performance!  

Use Opti Train when you are performing that putt or drive in golf, that shot in archery or basketball, or getting ready to hit the playing field. It can even be used on the playing field and in your performance arena. 

Opti Train Under Pressure

Opti Train is an algorithm that measures how balanced your levels of thought are. It does now matter how high or low your activity is, the algorithm will measure balance successfully. You could be quietly meditating at home and the algorithm will measure balance. You could be competing in a performance with stress levels through the roof and brain activity higher than normal and Opti Train will help you balance your brain. The reality is that you can perform GREAT whether your adrenaline is pumping or not, so Opti Train is made to work in both circumstances.

Opti Calm

Opti Calm

Opti Calm teaches you to be efficient (lower activity) in your brain. Best performers tend to be more efficient than new performers and this often feels “Calm.”   

Use Opti Calm to quiet your mind and focus efficiently the night before or the morning of an event.  

Use Opti Calm to practice and work efficiently at your job or before your school work.  Use it during your daily meditation and it will tell you through visual or music feedback just how calm you are!

Use Opti Calm to BE calm! 

Opti Confidence

Opti Confidence

Opti Confidence is a combination of Opti Train (70%) and Opti Calm (30%). You learn to both balance your brain and create efficient brain activity. This often feels “Confident.”  

Use Opti Confidence when you have mastered Opti Train and you want to create that feeling of “I KNOW I am Going to Perform Well”. It may be easier to practice at home first and then take to your performance environment. This app will challenge you to be both balanced and efficient. 

Use Opti Confidence to get out of micromanaging your task. Using Opti Confidence before your performance will help you move to automatic performance and be more successful. 

Transitioning from Opti Train to Opti Confidence

Opti Train will help you learn to find your optimum brain pattern in any circumstance. It is natural to get nervous when performing. Your first step to better your best is to learn to find your best performance brain pattern even when you are nervous.

Opti Confidence combines Opti Train with the Opti Calm Algorithm encouraging you to always be calm when you are finding your best performance brain pattern. This algorithm helps you control your nerves and perform at your best.

Opti Confidence encourages you to perform the same task but with less brain power. This helps your performance become more efficient. The outcome is much like muscle memory but for your brain. You can find your best performance pattern without much work even under pressure. Opti Confidence can reap the greatest benefits when you are in an actual situation that increases your adrenaline. This will help you know if you are about to calm your nerves.