Opti Train takes mindfulness one step further than meditation. It trains performance. Swipe right or left to choose a performance area to train your brain for. The first option “Train” is a generic training tutorial that can be applied to any performance area.

Opti Train requires an external device to connect to your brain. Follow the screens to help you connect to your brain sensing device. When all the quadrants of your virtual brain have filled in solid the app can sense your brain.

Upon starting your training, the app will automatically calibrate to your brain signals which can drastically vary day to day and even session to session. Be still until the calibration is done, then the training will automatically start. 

You have the option to turn off the auto-calibrate and manually select your Opti Index goal for the training session. An Opti Index is a percentage of how ready your brain is to perform. The higher the Opti Index the better.

Your objective is to reach your Opti Index goal just prior to your performance. Step by step audio instructions walk you through how to use the brain training feedback in every training module except “Free Train”. 

Research has shown that the brain does not perform to its full potential if it thinks too much or performs without thinking enough. When the brain’s thinking pattern and feeling pattern are both working simultaneously your brain is in an optimal performance pattern.

It does not matter if you are performing under pressure with bursting amounts of brain activity or completely calm with next to no brain activity, Opti Train’s non-linear algorithm tells how synchronized your thinking and feeling brain patterns are in the form of the Opti index. 

The on-screen visual feedback and volume changing music guide you to increasing your Opti Index. A higher Opti Index means a more synchronized brain ready to perform Better Than Your Best!