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Kathy Murphy


The following quotes are from Dr. Joe Dispenza, renowned for his expertise in teaching neuroscience and human potential. These statements were written in the forward to the book, The Science of Golf and Life written by Dr. Debbie Crews and Dr. Candace Pert.

“When we match our behaviors with our intentions, align our actions with our thoughts, and we get our mind and body working together, we move into that indescribable state of being that all who play [golf] crave so much.” “With the advent of functional brain scans and various other modern technologies we are able to peer into the inner workings of the mind and body. When we can correlate what is going on inside of us with what we are consistently creating outside of us, that event creates a memory, and as a result, we are then biologically changed.”

As a golf coach, I have always felt it was part of my job to help golfers become aware of their thoughts, clearly define their intentions and then provide accurate feedback related to their actions and behaviors. One of the advantages of using Opti is it fills in the gap of providing accurate feedback from the mind. The brain maps clearly show activity levels in 4 quadrants of the brain.

As players, we want to develop and sharpen our skills. As coaches, we are there to facilitate this process – make it faster, smoother, easier for our students. Dr. Dispenza defines skills as “subconscious programs that are acquired thru frequent repetition. A skill is when the body and mind merge as one.” Training the performance of our skills with Opti provides instant and accurate feedback of thoughts and actions – we can compare what is going on inside and outside creating memories and biological change!!

If you are using Opti, let us know how you or your students are improving. If you have not joined our team yet…please check go to our website and click on PURCHASE! You will soon discover Opti is an indispensable tool for improving your skills.

How Can Opti Brain’s Brain Maps and Interpretations Help Me?



Electroencephalograms (EEGs) can seem far above the realm of understanding. Well Opti Brain is the first analysis software of its kind to not only record and map EEGs but to also commercialize and simplify interpreting them. There are three simplified maps and interpretations that Opti Brain offers to each user.

  1. 1. Total Brain Activity:
  2. This map is displayed in a color gradient growing from blue to green to red. It is a visual representation of what you brain activity looked like during your collection. Red represent lots of brain activity meaning the electrical synapses in your brain are actively firing. Blue means there is less to no activity and green is the median. The interpretation that appears under the map as you scroll down is a great general interpretation of your brain as you are sitting still or in motion. One persons brain can tend toward certain interpretations because that is their personality type or other interpretations can vary according to your current emotional state. The Total Brain Activity map can be useful during any type of collection but is especially relevant in understand your current brain state while collecting a resting measure (sitting still and recording a 30 – 60 second brain data collection). This can help you understand your current brain pattern before performing any significant action. Resting measures can also identify significant changes in your brain if you collect them before and after a significant action and compare the pre/post interpretations and brain patterns.

2. Synergy Map


3. Serenity Map


Advanced EEG Brain Analysis

If you are interested into delving into the more detail maps and analyses that EEGs traditional have been used for you can turn on any or all of the maps in the Advanced Maps section found in the settings. Opti Brain offers a Certification Class to help you understand how to use and interpret these Advanced Maps.

Opti Brain Still Collection


Opti Brain uses the Muse brain sensing headband to record your brain activity. This is known as an electroencephalogram (EEG). Generally, while collecting EEGs, it is recommended to sit still and quiet. An EEG can record more accurate information as well as easily quantify your resting measure. A resting measure is what your brain looks like when you are sitting still and quiet not performing any body movements or quantitative thinking. Resting measures are useful…


Still Collection Steps


Still Brain Mapping Steps


Opti Brain In Motion Collection


Opti Brain uses the Muse brain sensing headband to record you brain activity. It can be beneficially to record your brain activity while you are performing a specific motion or sequence of motions. In your performance optimization specifically it is beneficial to record your usual movement routine immediately before the peak of your performance. For example, if sports is your performance outlet, record your brain activity during the routine leading up to: putting a golf ball, throwing a free throw, shooting an arrow, hitting a baseball, etc.

In Motion Collection Steps

Opti Brain Mobile App Introduction and Set Up


Opti Brain is a mobile app (currently available on iOS devices) produced by Opti Brain to help you collect, look at and interpret your brain activity. It connect wirelessly with the Muse brain sensing headband produced by Interaxon to connect with your brain. The Muse headband records your brain activity and sends it to your Opti Brain app during 2 to 60 second time intervals. You can then map and interpret any brain data collection you record using Opti Brain.

Opti Brain/Muse Headband Setup