The Muse S meditation headset is the next level of brain training headband that can help you improve your rest. Paired with an Opti Brain Muse S subscription, you will get unparalleled insights that help you build better habits and achieve new heights.

Muse S Headband for Meditation

The Muse S Brain Sensing Headband works while you sleep. The comfortable fabric brain sensing headband doesn’t interfere with your nightly sleep at all. As you sleep soundly, the insights generated by the Muse headband track your sleep performance throughout the night. The headband can track:

  • EEG brain waves
  • Heart rate
  • Deep sleep insights
  • Nightly sleep score
  • Sleeping positions

When you get an Opti Brain subscription, those insights go to your phone and are used to create real-time animations of brain activity and neurofeedback.

How Can the Muse S Meditation Headband Improve Your Sleep?

The Muse S headband doesn’t just tell you if you are sleeping well or not. It can help improve your sleep. During the night, the headband can pipe Digital Sleeping Pills, or soothing soundscapes, into your ears when it senses that you’ve woken up.

Tracking your sleep patterns with Muse and Opti Brain helps you see just how much rest you are getting and encourages you to prioritize sleep. We can also help you recover rest after disruptions, such as jet lag or bouts of insomnia.

If you’ve ever wondered what your brain does while you sleep, we can help you discover that with Opti Brain and the Muse S Brain Sensing Headband!