Kathy Murphy, LPGA Master Professional

March 21, 2016

Opti is a performance optimization tool based on EEG activity in 4 quadrants of the brain – left frontal, right frontal and left temporal and right temporal. Opti is designed for an individual to learn the skill of synchrony in their brain. Synchrony is a unique pattern to you, where the thinking and feeling parts of the brain are evenly activate.

“Data Debbie”

As a a person who is fascinated by learning and performance, I have unbridled enthusiasm for this training tool. Let me tell you some of the reasons for my excitement. First, I have learned over the last 20 years that if you ask Dr. Debbie Crews her opinion on a product, she does not commit it unless she can review the data. Within the LPGA teaching community, she is lovingly referred to as “Data Debbie”. So when she introduced the Opti brain training tool in late 2015 I knew this would be something special.

Debbie’s Research

The research she has conducted for more than 30 years has been a search for how people ‘think’ when they perform their best. Studies included individuals who performed at the highest level in their field (golfers, archers, baseball pitchers, etc.). In addition, they included individuals with attention deficit disorders, because they could provide insight into when a person’s mind is focused and when it is not!

For as long as I have heard Dr. Debbie present the psychology of performance, she has always stated it is HOW you think, not what you think that predicts performance. In the world of golf instruction, in my opinion this has mostly been ignored. The content of golf lessons are most often based on the ‘what’ of swing technique. Swing the club inside on the backswing. Swing the club to the outside on the backswing and for Pete’s sake. Don’t swing it back too far.

The research conducted by Dr. Debbie looked at the brain activity that occurs leading up to the movement of the club (no matter what the swing looked like). And, as she has shown, the pattern of brain activity that occurs during the last second prior to movement is a predictor of performance. Essentially a pattern showing integration and balance occurs prior to good performance.

Opti is Based on Research

So here is another reason why I am really excited about Opti. Opti can measure and display in real-time that last second of brain activity. This can be correlated with performance results! With this information you (together with a good coach) can learn to create this pattern either by conscious changes in thoughts, feelings and behaviors. With the Opti feedback system you can engage your subconscious to unleash your potential! This is why we say with Opti you can better your best!

Learn more about how Opti can be applied to a variety of activities and environments by checking out our entire website at www.myoptibrain.com and/or by contacting us today!


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