Kathy Murphy, LPGA Master Professional

March 27, 2017

Opti is a performance optimization tool based on EEG activity in 4 quadrants of the brain – left frontal, right frontal and left temporal and right temporal. Opti is for individuals to learn the skill of synchrony in their brain. Synchrony is a unique pattern to you, where the thinking and feeling parts of the brain are evenly activate.

EEG and Attentional Disorders

This is an article recently sent to me from one of our Opti supporters. http://blogs.biomedcentral.com/on-medicine/2017/03/09/using-eeg-to-identify-attention-disorders/

The article describes a specific study in which “EEG’s can reliably detect specific brain differences associated with attentional disorders.” Generally, doctors diagnose attentional disorders with an examination and the person’s clinical history. Surprisingly, even MRI studies “have not yet proven to constitute a clinically successful diagnostic measurement of attentional disorders in formal trials.”

Performance and Attentional Disorders

We are familiar with the descriptors of attentional disorders. These include decreased attention span and often, over-activity that interferes with life’s daily activities. I think many of us who have played golf or participated in any activity that requires a focus of attention have thought, “I could be better at this if I could just concentrate better or focus more!” Opti Train provides feedback to let us know when our brain is in Synchrony. Accurate and effective feedback is necessary for learning. Because of this it is what good coaches strive to provide their clients in all aspects of performance.

Up until now, getting feedback for the “mental” side of sports has been a challenging task. This is because, we have only been able to observe performance results. Opti provides neurofeedback that you can practice as a supplement to and/or simultaneously with physical practice. Often the goal with ‘mental practice’ is to learn to self-regulate thoughts and feelings. As a result, we can improve the performance of a technique. Opti teaches us and provides accurate feedback of self-regulation. The bad news AND the good news is there is no limit to your potential…with Opti you can Better Your Best!

Learn more about how Opti can be applied to a variety of activities and environments by checking out our entire website at MyOptiBrain.com and/or by contacting us today!

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