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My turn to tell a story about how the Opti Train App is assisting my students.


Charlie is a 25 handicapper who has played golf for about 15 years. He plays maybe eight times a month (during a 5 month season) with occasional practice sessions.

He has recognized that there are times he hits his shots the way he planned. They are solid and accurate enough to provide the fun and satisfaction he is looking for. He also recognizes that he often experiences doubt as to how to swing and/or how to perform the short shots. This has led him down the tinkering road. Which has led to more doubt and more questions?

Introducing Opti Train

When I told him about Opti Training – feedback for creating a synchronized brain, he was all in! We have had two 45 –min. sessions in the last month…one we focused on his full-swing shots and the second we focused on putting.

So during what might be considered a ‘standard how-to lesson’, Charlie wears the Opti headband and I set the Opti Synergy Training Length to Unlimited and, he has progressed to the Intermediate Index Goal (54%).

As we go about creating a clear intention and focus of attention, he “lets the music volume tell him when he is focused.” He is recognizing the sensation when his brain is synchronized. And, most important, the email about his last golf event said this: “Saturday went well. The focusing works, the score was 95. I hit drives, fairways, and pitches well.” More chipping and long distance putting practice will be next on the agenda. Stay posted – with 2 more training sessions to go there will be more Charlie stories to come!

What is Opti?

Opti is a performance optimization tool based on EEG activity in 4 quadrants of the brain – left frontal, right frontal and left temporal and right temporal. Opti is designed for an individual to learn the skill of synergy in their brain – a unique pattern to you, where the total effect is greater than the sum of the individual effects.

Learn more about how Opti can be applied to a variety of activities and environments by checking out our entire website at MyOptiBrain.com and/or by contacting us today!

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