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An article about the recent Women’s French Open winner caught my attention… The headline was “A fearless risk-taker captures her first WTA Tour title at a Grand Slam.”. This player is 20 years old spending her life on a tennis court (and undoubtedly in the gym). Why wouldn’t she be fearless and a risk-taker while playing tennis? Ok, some amount of fear in certain circumstances is good – it is a survival instinct. However, when we are talking about sport performance, fear (and the anxiety that accompanies it) can limit our success. It is true, this emotion does exist when playing a game…not because it has a legitimate place, it just seems to creep in over time. Once we become aware, we can choose a different perspective…“anything we want to influence or change we simply focus our attention in that direction” (Golf: Energy in Motion, Debbie Crews, Ph.D.). So once we become aware, accept that it exists, make a decision – that is, choose a new direction and create a plan!

The BETTER YOUR BEST™ curriculum is all about designing strategies (creating a plan) for improving your performance. Gain an understanding of your strengths and weaknesses before embarking on an experiential learning path to reach a level of performance that will BETTER YOUR BEST™

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