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Opti Train Takes Mindfulness One Step Further Than Meditation – It Trains Performance

Opti Train uses the Muse immersive meditation device to stream brain data into the Opti Train app. It then calculates how close your brain is to a high-performance brain pattern and outputs audio and video neurofeedback to inform you of your current state.

  • Focus your thoughts to quiet the audio feedback or to make the visual feedback play.
  • The feedback provided by Opti Train helps you train your brain to reach an optimized performance pattern that helps you BETTER YOUR BEST® performance!
  • Our one-of-a-kind, patented brain training programs are effective because they train a relational brain pattern personalized for you instead of training to a specific set of numbers. Your brain activity can be high or low, but if you balance the activity, our research shows that you will perform great! This means you are free to be unique and you can go beyond your own BEST performance!


Big Benefits for Brain Training

Have you ever felt like you aren’t performing at your best? That you just aren’t on top of your game? Opti Train will not only help you understand what an optimized performance feels like, but will teach you how to reach that feeling again and again, especially when you are under pressure.

    • Research has shown that the brain does not perform to its full potential if it thinks too much or performs without thinking enough.
    • When the brain’s thinking pattern and feeling pattern are both working simultaneously your brain is in an optimal performance pattern.
    • As we go through each day, our brain has many different tasks to perform. Each area of the brain has different jobs to do. As each area completes their job, you reach synergy (integrated whole), just before you perform.
    • 30+ years of research has suggested that training the brain to be in Synergy will optimize performance.
    • This is not only optimal for performance but also for a healthy state of mind.

Opti Train will TEACH Your Brain

Opti Train will train your levels of thought (active thought, passive thought, critical thinking, etc.) to become more synchronized. It does not matter if you are performing under pressure with bursting amounts of brain activity or completely calm with next to no brain activity, Opti Train’s non-linear algorithm tells how synchronized your thinking and feeling brain patterns are in the form of the Opti index.

  • The on-screen visual feedback and volume changing music guide you to increasing your Opti Index. A higher Opti Index means a more synchronized brain ready for Better Your Best® performance!
  • Using the brain sensing headset, focus your thoughts to lower the volume of the feedback music or make a feedback video play.
  • It is impossible for your levels of thought to perfectly match up so it is impossible to get a 100% Opti Index Score. Very high Opti Index Scores are generally in the low to mid 80%s.
  • You can save your trainings from Opti Train and then view the brain maps from those trainings in Opti Brain. See what your optimized brain looks like!

There are also tutorial training modes for individual sports which guide you through sport-specific training routines! The sports currently available are:

        • Golf
        • Baseball
        • Softball
        • Archery
        • Bowling
        • Many more coming soon! Use the Original training mode to get the same great training!                                                                                   

Two Ways to Train Your Brain

Opti Train uses both audio and visual feedback methods – separate or simultaneous

  • You have the option to choose a song from your personal iTunes playlist as feedback. While you are training, the music will grow quiet when your brain has an optimized brain pattern and get loud when your pattern is not in sync.
  • You can also choose a video to watch during your training. You can select one from a provided list or make your own from your device’s camera roll. When you start your training, the video will pause when you are far from your best and play when your brain activity becomes optimized. Additional visual feedback visualizations are also available.

Above and Beyond

Getting in the zone is a skill that can be learned. Training away from your performance as well as in your performance arena will help you transfer this important skill. In addition, training with distraction, difficult scenarios, and different competitors is helpful to performance.

All you need is a subscription, your personal mobile device and any Muse Immersive Meditation Device
Opti Brain requires an external accessory that senses your brain activity. Compatible brain sensing hardware includes:

  • Muse
  • Muse 2
  • Muse S
  • Smith Lowdown Focus Glasses powered by Muse

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