Opti Train


What is Opti Train?

Muse Brain Sensing Headband
Muse Brain Sensing Headband

Opti Train is a mobile app available on any iOS device. It uses the Muse brain sensing headband to stream brain data into the app, calculate how close your brain is to a high performance brain pattern, and then outputs neurofeedback to inform you of your current state. The feedback provided by Opti Train helps you train your brain to reach an optimized performance pattern that helps you BETTER YOUR BESTTM performance! Opti Train offers two brain training programs, Synergy and Serenity, each with a different goal. Every person’s brain looks different when they are performing at their optimum. For that reason our one-of-a-kind, patented brain training programs are effective because they train a relational brain pattern personalized for you instead of a specific number, meaning you are free to be unique!

What do Opti’s Patented Brain Training Programs Train?

Synergy train your levels of thought (active thought, passive thought, critical thinking, etc.) to become more synchronized. Serenity trains all of your levels of thought to lower so you can either calm down or perform at your best with more brain efficiency. Learn more about Synergy and Serenity by following these links!

Serenity    Synergy

Why Would I Want to Train My brain?

Have you ever felt like you aren’t performing at your best? That you just aren’t on top of your game? Opti Train will not only help you understand what an optimized performance feels like, but will teach you how to reach that feeling again and again.

What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is a simple output from a device in the form of sound, video, or possibly haptic vibrations that tells you significant information about your brain activity. Opti Train collects brain data from the Muse headband and then analyzes it in real time to reveal important information about your brain activity. It then relays its finds to you through a simple easy to understand output such as music growing quiet.

What type of feedback does Opti Train use?

Opti Train Video Feedback
Opti Train Video Feedback

Opti Train uses both audio and visual feedback methods:

  • You can choose a song from your personal iTunes playlist as feedback. While you are training, the music will grow quiet when your brain has an optimized brain pattern and get loud when your pattern is not in sync.
  • You can also choose a video to watch during your training. You can select one from a provided list or make your own from your device’s camera roll. When you start your training the video will pause when you are far from your best and play when your brain activity becomes optimized.
  • Another form of visual feedback is a 3D representation of your brain. The brain is divided into four quadrants that represent the four sensors on the Muse Headband. Each quadrant will go from yellow, to orange, to red as your synergy grows or from dark blue, to blue, to aqua as your Serenity grows.
  • Opti Train provides a grading measure called an Opti Index to give you a clear idea of how well your training is going. When your Opti Index climbs towards 100% you are reaching an optimized brain pattern. When your index decreases you are moving further from performing at your best. The Opti Index is offered as real time visual feedback during trainings in the form of a number or a grown thermometer. It updates every quarter second.

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