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 Here’s the basics…

The Muse immersive meditation device allows you to see your brain in action! Have you ever wondered what your brain looks like? Opti Brain allows you to map your brain activity with the help of Muse, the brain sensing headband. Collect, save and share your brain data. Create and compare maps of your brain activity, complete with interpretations and explanations.

Opti Brain is a powerful app, loaded with possibilities!

Record, measure and evaluate your brain data during different activities. Some of the limitless options include:

  • Resting
  • Critical thinking
  • Before, during and after performance-based sports and activities
  • Before and after training comparisons
  • Successful performance vs. less successful performance
  • Performance over a period of weeks and months
  • Performance in different environments (ex: stress and no stress)
  • Anything else you are curious about!

Compare the patterns in your brain

A powerful tool from Opti Brain is to analyze the brain maps from two sets of data collections. Opti Brain provides brain maps quantifying the electrical activity at each of the 4 brain-sensing sites. Each map is filled with different colors that correspond to different levels of activity. Discover BETTER YOUR BEST® brain patterns when you are performing at your full potential.

The newest Opti Brain mapping features are real-time brain mapping and second by second brain map movie playback. Watch your brain activity in real time! Play it back too! Pause the playback at any moment for analysis. View your Brain Activity, Synergy, Calm or Confidence measures.

Opti Brain has crossover compatibility with Opti Train, Opti Calm & Opti Confidence

Opti Brain works seamlessly with our 3 training apps. Each training app helps train you to BETTER YOUR BEST® performance; to take you beyond where you are now. You can save your training maps and then view the maps or movies from those trainings in Opti Brain. See what your optimized brain looks like!

All you need is a subscription, your personal mobile device and any Muse headset

Opti Brain requires an external accessory that senses your brain activity. Compatible brain sensing hardware includes:

  • Muse
  • Muse 2
  • Muse S
  • Smith Lowdown Focus Glasses powered by Muse

Opti offers the complete package (Muse headset) with a monthly, yearly or Lifetime subscription.

If you already have the Muse immersive meditation device you simply sign up for a FREE trial of the 4 Opti apps or purchase your subscription here.

For more information please contact us at info@myoptibrain.com

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